If you’re planning on starting a finance affiliate program yourself, check out some of their outstanding creative materials below for inspiration. The Acorns app helps users gradually save and invest spare money at a low cost. Although it’s most geared towards young professionals ages 24-35, it’s a great tool for anyone who wants to build their wealth intuitively. For affiliates who already market to the brand’s target audience, or who create content in the finance niche, Acorns’ affiliate program is a solid choice. Since affiliate marketing has been around since the early 2000s, and you don’t need to buy any products/inventory, the barrier to getting started is low. All you need to do is buy a domain name, build a website, create some content, and sign up for an affiliate program or two.

The sales are tracked through your unique, identifying affiliate link. Business-to-consumer is a digital sales model in which products and services are sold between a company and consumer, or two consumers. The model you feel most naturally drawn to is likely your best starting point. Do your research to discover the opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry space that you are interested in.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

RewardStyle is a leading fashion affiliate marketing platform that connects social media influencers with brands in order to drive sales. As an influencer, you can earn a commission on sales that are driven by your content. Skimlinks is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs out there. They provide a platform that makes it easy for website owners to find and promote products, and they take care of all the paperwork and payments. All you need to do is add a few lines of code to your site, and Skimlinks will do the rest.

There are existing quiz builders you can implement to your website today. NerdWallet’s finance tools also helped them become the top affiliate marketers in their industry. Besides offering value to their visitors, tools are used to attract backlinks. Link baiting is a clever strategy to boost your search engine ranking.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Examples for Inspiration

The goal of this model is to increase sales and create a win-win solution for both merchant and affiliate. The system is unique and profitable and becoming increasingly popular. Also, as with any business, there is no escaping competition and you need to keep up-to-date. Even more so with an online business, as things change quickly.

She reported $27,507 in affiliate earnings that last month. Up until November of 2018, Michelle was sharing the breakdown of her affiliate income each month, and Bluehost usually accounted for 50% or more of her affiliate earnings. […] At Survival Life we sell a mix of in-house offers, affiliate offers and premium subscriptions to our content. Every weekday we email 27,145 people like you with top tips, insights and opportunities to build your online business. Per an interview with Simon Owens, Joseph Clements started the site in 2016 from New Zealand. Initially it was just a hobby blog but Joseph got serious about it once he noticed traffic picking up organically.

You can leverage its benefits, such as using it as link bait and keeping user engagement, regardless of your niche. You can hire a developer at a reasonable price for a similar tool. NerdWallet includes a comparison tool to all its featured financial products. This makes it easier for visitors to see the benefits and choose the right product.

  • To become a successful affiliate, you have to put in the work and adopt a strategic approach.
  • She decided to stop posting reports back in December 2016, but you can see how she grew her income from under $1,000 per month in 2013, up to $40,000 per month in 2016.
  • Build your affiliate website around an identity instead of a product category.
  • The website is not even half finished yet and is already bringing in sales.
  • Ranking for “coupon” or “discount” keywords allows you to generate some additional commission.

Webinars Level up in marketing analytics with our live sessions and on-demand webinars. Template gallery Build your marketing reports and dashboards on top of our free plug-and-play templates. Blog Learn more about marketing reporting, data visualization, and data management. Podcast Check out brand new episodes of our podcast, the Marketing Analytics Show. This means you don’t need to leave the site to run a WhoIs search anywhere else, and you’re likely to bookmark the site and/or share it with friends. Then there are other videos on learning how to play, dozens of board game reviews, etc.

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The owner of Just A Girl And Her Blog published income reports from 2014 to 2016 and listed average earnings of $39,832 per month for 2016. With that, affiliate income from the site nowadays is likely less than $100/month. We generate one million in sales every month — and growing. The owner of Simply Insurance revealed during an interview that his 3-year-old website was earning $50,000 per month in revenue, from only 25,000 monthly visitors. The owners of Fin vs Fin reported in a September 2020 update at Side Hustle Nation that the site was earning revenue of $50,000 per month.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site . This site does not include all Software companies or all available Vendors. The call-to-action of your landing page should be clear, prominent, and relevant to the offer or benefit of your affiliate marketing campaign. It should encourage your audience to take the desired action, such as clicking a button or filling out a form. But for those who can make it work, commissions from photography affiliate programs can be sizable.

The Outdoor Blogger

Offering a concrete, money-saving deal in exchange for an email address is a solid way to grow your list and compensate for longer buying cycles. So instead, Diamonds Pro knows that if they can get into your inbox, they can educate you about diamonds over a longer period of time. That way, when you’re ready to buy, it’ll more than likely correspond to an email they’ve just sent you. But instead of taking the opportunity to set an affiliate cookie, they’re banking on your email address being worth more in the long run.

The site has a dedicated “Shop” page where there are affiliate offers for green beauty products and favorite product recommendations from site founder Davida Lederle. There’s a lot of money to be made in affiliate sales, even if your site is relatively new and your traffic isn’t yet breaking any records. Every piece of content you release has the possibility to be monetized. In exchange, however, a company can access motivated, creative people, to help sell their products or services to the world.

Customer Loyalty Program Software Options for Your Business

For instance, The Points Guy attracts the audience through more informational keywords and leads them through to their revenue-generating pages (e.g. travel credit cards). You can join as many affiliate programs as you can handle without hiring extra help. As your affiliate sources increase, you can continue to earn from your affiliate marketing efforts even while you’re asleep. The website is partnered with these merchants, bringing them both high purchase intent leads and actual customers and earning a commission in the process.

Each network has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. But with so many options out there, finding the right fit can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available to help you make the best decision for your business. Affiliate marketing campaigns can be run on either an ad hoc basis, or continuingly. Practical examples like this show how powerful affiliate marketing can be.

Finally, make sure the product is priced competitively and offers features or benefits that will be attractive to your target audience. For example, let’s say you’re a fashion blogger with 100,000 followers. You post a photo of yourself wearing a new dress from Brand X, and include a link to purchase the dress.

Golf Insider UK – $1,400 per month

A well answered question can garner a lot of views and even go viral. So it’s another example of an affiliate marketing strategy which can work well if you stick at it for some time. By answering multiple questions within your niche, you can link affiliate management system to blog or video content you have created which helps answer the questions. Blogging is often the go-to marketing strategy for affiliate marketers. But with so many bloggers out there offering competition in most niches, is blogging worth it?

Serve first, profit later – that seems to be the business model in use, and it works really well. On face value the site looks old and dated, but the content is what keeps visitors coming back. While most marketers are trying to lure people into their Facebook/Twitter/Instawhatever accounts, this guy has quietly built up a community that’s 100% his own. Then choose the topic you’re most interested in and voila – straight to the content/product they want.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Once you’ve chosen a program, make sure you’re familiar with its terms and conditions. Each program has different rules, so be sure to read them carefully. In this example, https://xcritical.com/ the blogger, The Dog People (powered by Rover.com) shares tips on keeping a dog cool during a heatwave. I have heard of Savage Affiliates but haven’t researched it yet.

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Today, Mikayla earns money from sponsorships and many beauty perks like free products. The Realistic Mama Blog earns $20,000 per month according to her published income reports. Note that Ryan earned most of that income as an affiliate for Bluehost. His monthly income had dipped to $25,280 by September 2019.

Skyscanner isn’t just a very profitable affiliate site – it’s become a trusted brand. It achieves this by featuring news stories as well as product reviews. They promote Bluehost quite heavily, so I would imagine that program generates the bulk of this site’s income. This is another roundup review, but this time for the 10 best website builders on the market. It features all the key players, and some you might never have heard of before. Because he very subtly leads you through a conversation on why building your own website is a good idea, to the point where you’re actually making decisions on what to do next.