What do I need to do or what documents do I need to fill in when applying for a residence permit? You must be self-employed (non-tax student), U.S. citizen, or permanent resident (a green card, also known as an I-551 card or proof of the I-551 stamp in passport), or an international student who is eligible to establish a Texas resident and live in the State of Texas for 12 consecutive months and be a Texas resident prior to enrollment. If you are an international student seeking residency through high school, you must submit an affidavit (PDF) stating that you will apply for permanent residence if you qualify. Sometimes students submit false information or information that makes it look like they are non-residents, when in fact they qualify for Texas residency. In other cases, students who were not originally eligible for residency will be eligible for residency at a later date. If you submitted the basic residency questions and were classified as a non-Texas resident after reviewing the form, you have the option to appeal your residency requirement. You must do this before the 12th day of classes of the semester. Even if you live on campus during your registration, you will still need to provide your permanent legal address. This could be the home of your parents or guardians, or a permanent residence where you usually receive your mail.

If you are tax-independent, you can obtain residency status if you are a resident of the state. If your parents claim you are dependent on their federal tax return, they must reside in the state where you can apply for residency. Find out what other documents must be presented when applying for or renewing a driver`s licence, identification card or commercial driver`s licence. Marriage to a Texas resident does not give him immediate residence. A U.S. citizen who is a permanent resident or an international student with immigration status that allows them to reside in the United States and who is the spouse of a Texas resident must reside in the State of Texas for 12 consecutive months. The spouse is allowed to attend school for the 12 months if he or she wishes, but pays from public education for the first 12 months. After 1 year, if there is sufficient evidence that the person has otherwise made Texas their permanent residence, they can apply for reclassification. To qualify as a Texas resident, a person must 1) reside in Texas for one year prior to registration and 2) establish residence in Texas prior to registration.

An applicant or student who is classified as a dependant based on a parent`s last federal tax return is classified based on the parent`s residency qualifications. A U.S. citizen, U.S. national or permanent resident (permanent resident card holder), or a non-U.S. citizen who has been authorized by Congress to accept the United States as a resident of that country and who has otherwise met the state`s requirements to establish residence for study purposes, as required by the State, Chapter 21, Student Services, Residence Rules and Regulations for the State of Texas. UT Administration Building (UTA) 512-475-7391 (voice) residency@austin.utexas.edu A U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident who has been independent for 18 years or more and who has lived in Texas for 12 consecutive months and has been employed in the state prior to enrolling in college is eligible to be classified as a resident of Texas. As an independent student, your parents should not claim you on their tax return for the previous and current year. In addition, under applicable law, international students may be eligible to waive tuition payments for residents. Only visas eligible to reside in the United States would be eligible for residency classes. To verify Texas residency, a person must provide two printed documents from the list below.

Both documents must contain the person`s name and residential address. One of the documents must confirm that the person has lived in Texas for at least 30 days. Individuals who surrender a valid, unexpired driver`s license from another state or apply for a commercial driver`s license must always provide proof of residency. However, the 30-day requirement is waived. A teacher or assistant professor, teaching assistant or research assistant of a college and the spouse and children of such teacher or professor are eligible to enroll in a college by paying tuition and other fees or charges required for Texas residents, regardless of the length of the teacher`s or professor`s stay in Texas. A teacher or professor of a college and his or her family are entitled to the benefits of this section if they are employed by a college for at least one-half of the regular monthly salary. * A printout of the Secretary of State`s website www.votetexas.gov verification of applicant`s residency may also be accepted. If the information provided indicates that you are not American. Citizen or permanent resident, but you may be eligible for residency based on your Texas high school diploma, the application will require you to upload and file the affidavit of residence. It must be completed, signed, notarized and submitted to the university.

Basic residency questions must be submitted prior to the census date of the respective term for a Texas resident classification to be effective for the current semester. NOTE: Keep in mind that all documents submitted include the person`s name and residential address in Texas and must be printed. Becoming a legal resident of Texas is a simple process with many rewards. For example, as long as you are not a legal resident of Texas, you cannot participate in state and local elections. If you are a Texas resident, you can also obtain an ID card or driver`s license in the state. Becoming a Texas resident can also be helpful if you`re applying to Texas universities and saving expensive tuition fees out of state. To become a legal resident of Texas, first gather documents showing a Texas address, such as a copy of your lease or mortgage, a W-2 with your address, or a credit card statement. Then, bring these documents to the DMV and complete an application for a driver`s license or identification.

If you want to vote in Texas, get a voter registration application from a polling or state office and fill it out with your address, ID number, and various other identifying information. To find out how to qualify for state tuition, read on! It is estimated that military personnel and their families retain the same legal residence for the duration of their active service as when they entered military service. It is assumed that persons stationed in Texas do not establish their legal residence in Texas, because their presence is not voluntary, but by military order. If you have maintained your legal residency in Texas throughout your military service, you must provide a copy of your Leave and Earnings Certificate (LES) from one year ago and a current ERP. If you are supported by a parent or spouse who is on active duty in Texas, you may be eligible for a military exemption for educational purposes, but you must complete the Declaration of Military Service and submit the form to the Vital Statistics Office.