We also care about your children`s privacy and are committed to protecting them. This website is not directed to minors and does not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 16. In most cases, any personal information about minors we may have has been provided to us by parents or guardians. Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. (“Zurich”) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol ZRN. As of December 1, 2012, there were 148,300,123 fully paid-up registered shares[6] and 124,847 shareholders. [35] 24.7% of registered shares were individuals (15.3% of all shares outstanding), 7.2% were foundations and pension funds (4.5% of all shares outstanding) and 68.1% were other legal entities (42.3% of all outstanding shares). [35] As a global citizen, keen on industry, diverse and eager for innovation, our horizons do not stop in Switzerland. Our unique global presence with 78 offices in 46 countries allows us to attract the right talent at the right time for any customer problem, regardless of where the client is located. And because our clients want lawyers who are ready to lead, differentiate and adapt in an ever-changing world, we have leveraged our strengths and capabilities to embrace a new way of thinking and use cutting-edge legal technologies to help clients meet the challenges of competition in today`s new global economic order. By 1894 it had acquired commercial licenses in Austria, Prussia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the rest of Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Russia, Italy, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. When it switched from transport insurance to accident and liability insurance in 1894, it was renamed “Allgemeine Unfall- und Haftpflicht-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft”.

Due to legal regulations in the field of workers` compensation, it took a risk and entered the North American market in 1912, first in the U.S. states of New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts. [8] Below is a simplified organizational chart for legal entities. The chart provides information about Credit Suisse Group AG and Credit Suisse AG. The chart also provides an overview of the ownership of several large operating subsidiaries. Our Swiss offices combine local experience with international reach to provide our clients with world-class legal advice. We offer our clients a full range of legal services in all sectors and areas of activity: Baker McKenzie is one of the largest law firms in Switzerland. Our offices in Geneva and Zurich have been an integral part of the Swiss legal landscape for more than half a century and have established themselves as a leading force for our domestic and foreign clients. Our extensive team of experienced experts, consisting of more than 130 lawyers, provides first-class legal advice to Swiss and multinational industry players, financial institutions, private equity firms and insurance companies. We have fantastic experience in national and cross-border advice in all areas of business law. The commitment to providing our clients with practical and innovative solutions, as well as the quality of our work, have always been recognized by Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 with the highest rankings. By “affiliates” or “affiliates” we mean companies (separate legal entities) that are members of Zurich Insurance Group.

Officially known as Zurich Insurance plc (“ZIP”), Zurich Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary. ZIP is an Irish insurance company, originally established in 1950, which is the main legal entity of Zurich Insurance Group for underwriting non-life insurance activities in Europe. ZIP underwrites non-life insurance business throughout the European Union through its Irish head office and branch network. [24] When you first connected to the Internet, a central Internet database assigned your computer a number called an IP address. When you access a website like ours, your computer sends this IP address to the host computer (which also has its own IP address). This allows the two computers to communicate and keep a record of the exchange (in the same way that telephone systems keep a record of telephone calls made or received), including the date and time of those exchanges. We do not use IP addresses to track the identity of users of our websites or use “tracking routing” or similar techniques for commercial purposes. Of course, we reserve the right to do so in order to protect the security of our systems and to comply with our legal obligations. In May 2007, Zurich Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services, paid $16.8 million to rely on the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission for helping four hedge funds conceal their identities to avoid detection in frequent transactions involving mutual fund units. [40] An SEC director stated, “By knowingly funding the fraudulent market timing of its hedge fund clients, ZCM collected significant fees at the expense of long-term mutual fund shareholders.” [41] “You” means you as a current or potential individual customer or visitor to this website. Companies or other legal entities are not affected. “We” or “us” means Zurich Insurance Company, a company incorporated in Switzerland, and not any other legal entity. Credit Suisse continues to develop the Group`s legal structure to support the implementation of its strategic objectives, further increase its resilience, and respond to the evolving regulatory requirements of the Swiss “Too Big To Fail” regime. In March 2012, Zurich reinforced its commitment to the Z Zurich Foundation with a substantial investment of $100 million. [33]. On October 24, 2002, Zurich North America held a ceremony at the 9/11 Tribute Center in honor of the winners of the 2012 K.A.M.P. Awards, a program created as a living legacy for the four employees killed on 9/11: John Keohane, Peggy Alario, Kathy Moran and Ludwig Picarro.

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The installation of browser add-ons is considered by Google as an objection. If the information technology system of the data subject is subsequently deleted, formatted or reinstalled, the data subject must reinstall the browser add-ons in order to disable Google Analytics. If the browser add-on has been uninstalled or disabled by the data subject or another person attributable to his or her area of responsibility, it is possible to reinstall or reactivate the browser add-ons. In 1915, Zurich acquired its first complete company, the Hispania Compañia General de Seguros in Barcelona, Spain. Ten years later, in 1922, Zurich founded the “Vita Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft” as an independent subsidiary, which quickly expanded to neighbouring countries.