Believed by many, the feudal system has had a huge impact on the way the Japanese government (modernly) does business. The hierarchy of relative authority in all structures such as school, office, workplace and household. The Japanese company has strict work policies and it is essential that all employees, from the CEO to the CEO, are performing well and excellent. Talking about the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and World War 2 is not allowed. In Equatorial Guinea, people are discouraged from learning to read and write. There are no bookstores or newsstands in the country. Tourism is also low, as foreigners are generally not allowed to enter the country. The government, led by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo since a coup in 1973, controls television and radio stations. Foreigners allowed to enter Equatorial Guinea are closely monitored and are not allowed to film scenes and conditions that depict poverty. As far as North Koreans are concerned, their freedom of movement is very limited.

They are not allowed to be in the parks and all their movements and activities must be supported by a valid reason. Sexual relations between unmarried couples are prohibited. The government`s “dating police” are responsible for ensuring that such relationships do not take place. North Korea also has a strict fashion code, for example, women are not allowed to wear pants and men must cut their hair every 15 days. North Koreans` freedom of movement is restricted. Strolling through parks is not allowed and all their activities and movements must have a valid reason. Sexual intercourse outside marriage is strictly prohibited. The “dating police” is the one assigned in this issue. North Korea is also strict in its fashion code.

Women are forbidden to wear trousers and men are forbidden to have their hair cut every fortnight. Anyone who violates this rule will be punished by forced labor. I live in Singapore. The rules are strict, but not so strict. Countries like North Korea are much stricter. Their information is false Women are not allowed to drive so far after Ramadan, they give a driver`s license for women and restricted internet browsers in Saudi Arabia and tourists must also go hijab and womes and not with foreigners. Admit it to iam Saudi chewing gum is not banned in Singapore, I live in Singapore and many of us buy chewing gum from Malaysia and bring it back to Singapore. Illegal is only the sale of chewing gum, which is strictly prohibited here. The authorities will not arrest you for possession of chewing gum in Singapore unless you sell it.

I`ve been on the list in every country, and Singapore isn`t really that bad. I understand that it is strict in some things, but the people there are so nice! My least loved experience. North Korea. A terrible government. I would NOT recommend going if you think about it. Iran and Syria are also quite tough. In Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc., I can do all this without fear. Liberal countries are oppressive.

Conservative countries generally have freer civil liberties. North Korea is unique and cannot be compared to any other country on the planet. How can you rank Japan at number 2 and not at all in South Korea? South Korea is strict in every way, as is Japan, except on a much higher scale. Japan, in my opinion, is actually quite relaxed. It`s more of a culture of consensus that emphasizes non-confrontation and politeness, whereas South Korea is really ultra-hierarchical. The first thing you`ll be asked is how old you are, and even if you`re a year younger than someone else, you`re still “under” them. No exceptions military service. Crazy Christianity. Literally authoritarian in every way. Another country that does serious business when it comes to penalties for violations of the law on drug use. Again, if you are the parent of a child who uses drugs and you do not report your own child to the police, you as a parent could also face a serious conviction.

Tourists and locals are warned of the harsh penalties for drug use and do everything they can to make sure everyone knows the deadly consequences. It is still questionable whether this really contributes to reducing drug use. You may be right, to some extent, with respect to the situation described with respect to Iran. But it seems that you have exaggerated on the country. Freedom of expression and social freedom have increased in the country recently, of course, the country needs time to fully achieve this. But here, people can argue with a police force or raise their voice while talking to a police force, and consider that in the face of an American police force that you fear all the time to be a victim of police violations, even for unimportant matters. In Iran, the security forces are only sensitive in terms of national security issues, but you are free and relaxed in all other matters such as politics, society and also the type of clothing. The photo here about Iran does not fully convey the image of the country and if you look at the Iranian youth, you will be faced with extreme social freedom. The Vatican is one of the countries with the most problematic immigration laws.

In fact, you cannot get a residence permit unless you are one of the following: everything is controlled by the administration, television, radio and print media. The content of news and programs is censored. Internet access is granted only to the ruling elite and even their online activities are strictly monitored. It depends on what you mean by strict. If I pass through a field or forest in the UK, I have a good chance that it will be confiscated, crushed and prosecuted. All my text, email and voice calls are monitored. I can`t watch TV or be prosecuted without a license. If I have certain opinions, I can go to jail.

Whatever their reasons, the following nations are advocates of strict governance and enforcement of their laws. Some may be limited by traditions. Others by religion. But these countries are serious about their policies, and that`s something you should consider before entering their borders. You`re kidding? The US has some of the most lenient laws, drugs are legal in some states, the 4th Amendment allows you to make tons of shit that would be punishable by jail in other countries, they are assholes in terms of foreigners, but to their citizens (white citizens) they are really relaxed men who can`t wear certain hairstyles other than those, which are prescribed in Islam. Women are not allowed to go out in public unless they adhere to certain dress codes, such as covering their heads with the hijab and avoiding skinny jeans. Western music such as jazz, rock and rap are strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages for men and women are strongly discouraged. Singapore`s geographical size makes it easy for its government to enforce its laws and policies compared to other countries on the list.

The people of Singapore know the laws and know that the government has the equipment, technology and manpower to enforce them. I really like it because “fear of the law” is not enforced compared to the other nations in the article. If you are traveling to Eritrea for a wild reason, be very careful. The country`s only political party violates fundamental human rights, but above all religious freedom. Eritrea is Christian and Muslim, while all other belief systems are not welcome. I wonder why the United States is not on that list. A free country that allows the death penalty and reserves the right to invade and bomb other countries with nuclear weapons? Do you remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Singapore is probably the strictest country in the world when it comes to gun laws. It is still possible to own a firearm, but it takes a lot of work. I have been to 5 continents in about 50 countries. I`ve been to Singapore several times, and it`s the country with the second most rules I`ve ever visited, but the United States is the first. Speaking of freedom, America can be very strict and dangerous depending on race.

It is often likely that a Black person will be racially profiled, arrested or shot by police for no reason. Segregation and racism can be worse than living in one of the 10 countries listed. Singaporean authorities, such as the police and private security forces, are subject to strict weapons firing laws. If they shoot a criminal, they can expect a long and thorough investigation. You have to prove beyond a doubt that shooting was the only option left. A major advantage of Asia is that almost every country offers a variety of destinations to live a quality life at an extremely affordable cost of living and security for your peace of mind. We have gathered 15 countries that apply strict rules for their visitors. Some rules come in a single package and can be found in different countries with similar cultures, while others are strangely specific and unique to a single location. You now have a clear idea of what to expect when traveling to the countries we list.

While Saudi Arabia has recently lifted its curtains and joined forces with the rest of the world, the country is still deeply rooted in laws stemming from religion and tradition.